Create-Your-Own Spiral Handle Whip, 25 colors

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Design a whip that's just right for you -- the perfect style, color and length -- in just a few clicks!  More that just gorgeous, this whip is built to perform, with correct whip action and a balanced design that's not top-heavy like some bling whips. 

Whip Choices:

Our exclusive silver spiral whip features a woven, slip-resistant handle with metallic thread accents and integrated end popper.  Our traditional black leather handle whip has a varnished shaft and replacable end popper.  Both offered in 28", 32" and 36" lengths, see sizing guide below.

Cap Design Choices:

All caps feature our exclusive smooth, snag-resistant Swarovski and rhinestone components. Choose (A) crystal with top and bottom trim; (B) rhinestone horseshoe in black enamel setting, (C) crystal with trim at top only; or (D) monogram silver plated cap (engraving included).

Optional Engraving (Cap A, B or C):

Engraving can be added to the side of caps A thru C, see pic for example. Cost is $20 for three initials, in the following order: First name; Last name (larger, in center); Middle name. This is traditional engraving, not laser, so letters are not black. No returns on custom items.

Further customization available. If you want this whip style in Navy or Chocolate, need additional crystal colors or trim designs, contact Amy at (920) 470-8381

Made to order, allow 7-10 days. This is a custom item made just for you. Please see our Return Policy 

Here is a general guideline for choosing the correct whip length, which is usually based on the height of the rider.  If in doubt please consult your trainer.

  • 28" whip -- Tiny Tot size for riders under age 7
  • 31" whip -- Most riders up to 5' 7" tall
  • 36" whip -- Riders over 5' 7"

Per whip industry standards, whips are sized by measuring from the top of the handle to the tip of the metal or fiberglass whip shaft.  The flexible popper at the tip is not considered "usable" length, but does add about 4". So for example a 31" whip has a total length of 35" -- 31" of handle and shaft, and 4" of  popper.